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A Story

stamps collector We are stamp collectors since 1944 and we made our hobby into our profession.

We are one of the Italian leading stamp dealers. Our monthly updated pricelists reach thousands of stamp collectors worldwide.

Philaxia comes from the original idea of setting up one big place where to sell worldwide stamps, with a focus on the large inventory at the right price. Now the stamp market is too much fragmented: there are so many small sellers, so a collector must buy from different sellers and pay too many deliveries. On Philaxia you can find everything, under just one roof.

Each stamp is carefully described and a high-resolution scan is taken, to ensure the collectors can get all the information needed for the right choice. Every single stamps is then put on sale, so the collector can only buy what is really useful to his collection.

We embrace both old fashioned stamp collecting and technology and believe in merging them as one, to provide you with the best online shopping experience.

Every day our team describes new stamps, so the stamp inventory of Philaxia is ever increasing. Please remember to subscribe our newsletter to be the first to know when new stamp lots are available for sale. Stay also connected with us on our Facebook page to keep updated on all our latest finds, hottest stamp lots and newest updates.